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TSP 245 Easy Workstation PMQ
Monday, October 22, 2018

TSP 245 Easy Workstation PMQ

New Easy Operating Station (PMQ)

New workstation dedicated to research and color production.

Completely revised compared to previous versions, it has a large surface that can comfortably accommodate both the color dosing scale and the new versions of the Color Box (EASY and CHROMA FLEX).

EASY Workstation is also prepared for the housing, both on the right and on the left of the worktop, of an adjustable support (optional) available in two different versions; one to position EASY BOX MAP (+ Monitor + Keyboard / Mouse) and the other specifically designed for TOUCH PC MAP (only for UK market).

Structure of galvanized steel sheet 10/10 thick with:

- 2 doors with magnet closure

- 2 internal shelves

- 4 adjustable feet

Predisposition for mounting a support (code L0TSP246N1) for fixing the screen, keyboard, mouse and mini-pc. The support can be installed on the right or left depending on the needs. For Touch Mix Map housing code L0TSP247N1 (only for UK market).


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