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Lechler Color Booster CAPSURE™ - Colorimetry in your pocket
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Lechler Color Booster CAPSURE™ - Colorimetry in your pocket



For the avoidance of any doubt: COLOR BOOSTER is not a spectrophotometer (although it is used to retrieve the colour of a surface), but a COLORIMETER, namely a tool able to indicate the best match between the colour read and those belonging to colour collections registered in its memory.
As a result of a reading with COLOR BOOSTER you cannot obtain a colour formulation to weigh immediately, but references (typically manufacturer and colour code) to find it using Lechler MAP software, and then start dosing. p>


All you have to do to obtain an answer from COLOR BOOSTER is:

  1. Turn the instrument ON
  2. Choose the colour collection(s) you want to search in

    At the moment you can use COLOR BOOSTER for SOLID COLOURS of Industry (LechlerTech) – Decorative (Chrèon) – Habitat (IVE) and Yachting (Stoppani) of the following “Colour Collections”.


  3. Open the measurement area by sliding the cover
  4. Place COLOR BOOSTER on the substrate to read


  5. Push the reading button on the side of the tool


  6. Take note of search results and, using the colour collection of reference, verify the match with the surface measured


  7. Produce the desired paint quantity using Lechler MAP software


Also in this case to update COLOR BOOSTER there are just a few steps to follow

  1. First of all, you need a computer with an active Internet connection
  2. Take the CD-ROM contained in the box of your COLOR BOOSTER-CAPSURE to install “CAPSURE Sync” software..
    If the CD-ROM is lost, you can download the installation file from "Lechler Portal", in the section “Download Area (TAI)” >>> “Lechler Color Booster - CAPSURE™”
  3. After that, you have to connect the tool to the computer using the supplied cable (a USB port is required) and if the tool you connected is one of them sold by LECHLER, you will find a window that indicates updates available.


  4. Confirming your choice, updates will be automatically downloaded and installed in the tool.

If you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us, our Software & Instrument Assistance Department (asstec.attrezzature@lechler.eu) will be glad to help you.

For further Information or Support, you can consult the Instrument Datasheet available in our Online Equipment Catalogue.


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