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The Way of... Florense
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Way of... Florense

The Brazilian furniture factory, leader of “planejado” market, renews its own image

Florense is the History of furniture production in Brazil; founded in 1953, it represents one of the most prestigious realities of furniture industrial landscape, with a factory of 58,000 m2 and a network of franchised shops that counts 60 retail outlets in Brazil and 12 worldwide (Miami, New York, Chicago, Miami, Mexico, Monterrey, Panama, Guatemala, Santiago, Assunzione, Montevideo, Punta del Este and Auckland).

Innovation and style are the fundamentals of its proposal that ranges from kitchens to sleeping areas, continuously looking for elegance and quality.

I would like to propose the best furniture, the richest and most exclusive finishes, I want to amaze the public”, explains the director Gelso Castellan, “for this reason we are always searching for the best of what our suppliers  can offer us regarding materials, technological solutions and ideas too. Florense is Brazilian, but it wants to be an increasingly global company and offer the best for houses of the whole world, interpreting new trends and giving houses elegance”.  

For more than ten years, Florense has been an IVE customer: the first finishes were of glossy lacquered and polishable manufactured items, in particular with the well-known Lucipol Nero. Our company was still new in Brazilian territory, with a little distribution structure and a commercial technician team, but focusing on Made in Italy quality, it succeeded in gaining a space and in cultivating a relationship of mutual trust and close cooperation. Over time, Lechler do Brasil became increasingly involved in launch of new Florense products and, in particular, today it is the only supplier of the effect finish line, which the company’s marketing department wanted to baptize “perolizado”.

In 2017 Florense painted more than 15,000 m2 of doors and panels for kitchens and rooms, dictating a fashion that today is surely a point of reference also in the San Paolo, Brasilia and Recife squares, which, as we all know, are in Milan and Paris. The finishes, all taken from the LWE Effect collection, are presented in the gloss and matt micro-embossed version: Champagne (GO M51 from Color Trend Habitat) is the most loved tone, followed by Titanio (GO M31) and Oro (GO M52).

Friendship between Lechler and Florense is much more than an intense business relationship; the staff of the guacha company has already been guest of the CfE of Como and visits regularly the FuoriSalone, importing the new ideas of Color Design Lechler. For validating an idea, that over time became a fantastic project, last November Florense renewed its brand, adopting gold as colour.

We couldn’t hope for any better!


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