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LECHLER MAP 3.6 - A release with many new features
Tuesday, March 7, 2017

LECHLER MAP 3.6 - A release with many new features

Here we are! It’s time to update your formulation search engine, in case you have not yet adopted Lechler MAP®, this first release of 2017 will give you some more elements to accelerate the migration.



Let’s take a look at the features introduced with this new version, which will be added to the wide selection already present in version 3.5 … 

Automatic Formulation Update

How many times did it happen to you that you are searching for a color, you don’t find it, and hear from Lechler Call Center that it is contained in the update released last week, just the one that you don’t have yet?
Now you have the chance to avoid this issue, simply by programming the automatic download of the formulations of your interest on a weekly, or daily basis. 
How can you do this? Easy! First of all, the computer where you installed Lechler MAP must have an internet connection (don’t worry, the connection is private and safe thanks to the powerful antivirus installed on our servers) and a registered account on Lechler Portal.
Having everything available, you will need to open Lechler MAP, enter the CONFIGURATION menu and in the SERIES MAINTENANCE page you will be able to choose to restrict the updates to the coating systems that you use regularly, or activate the automatic updating and its frequency (daily or weekly). Restart Lechler MAP, and the deed is done!
Obviously, you can always disable this feature at a later stage, depending on your needs.

Negative weighing on the scale display

We have received requests from multiple fronts about this, so now, also in Lechler MAP it is possible to view on the scale display the amount to be weighed with a negative value that rises to zero as one proceeds with the dosage.
This feature is currently only available for some SARTORIUS models (PMA.7500 , PMA.7501, PMA.Quality and PMA.Evolution) also retroactively, and for the scales of EUROPE-C and GIBERTINI series with internal firmware v 2.01 and the following ones.
The benefit is intuitive: greater accuracy in dosing, because you do not have to look away from the scale, having an eye on what is missing to achieve the objective.

Sharing of the weighing data with other business applications

Why keeping the weighing data locked within Lechler MAP?
With the version 3.6 you can now create a file containing all the data related to the measuring just completed, so that it can be shared with other pre-installed business applications (stock, invoicing ...) 
The data is saved in XML format, an internationally recognised standard for the import / export of structured data, and can be recorded both on the local disk of your computer, or on a designed network drive.
The enabling of this feature is simple and goes through the setup menu, where, besides activating it, you will indicate the path where you want to save the data.

Communication, first of all!

In Lechler MAP home page we decided to dedicate a space to the active communication of news and content related to Lechler’s world. You will see a box, to the left of the function commands, displaying the content specific to your business (we don’t want to bother you with news you are not interested in), which can lead you to a dedicated page on our website.

We also introduced some new features concerning specific businesses. In particular, for Refinish world we have thought to …

Provide additional documentation

During the Color Search, Lechler MAP will check if the CLOUD LECHLER includes any documents related to the car manufacturer selected (e.g. colour code location on the vehicle, or Ford Color Range) and, if so, it will show a link from which you can open the document.
To access Lechler’s cloud, it is obviously necessary that your computer is provided with an active internet connection and a registered account on Lechler Portal.

Add the color search by specific car parts 

We've added a search field where you can indicate whether the color refers to a specific car part, such as bumpers or side panels, which can be used in addition to other fields (manufacturer, car model) or alone.

Guide you in choosing the most suitable hardeners and additives for the finish that you want to obtain

You don’t have to do anything! Based on the compatibility between the products and the recommendations reported in the technical sheets, we have implemented an internal filter in MAP, which will suggest the selection of the most suitable hardeners, thinners and additives to the preparation of the mixture you have in mind.
An example? MF306 – MACROFAN AUTOLEVEL PRIMER, which, according to the technical sheet, has to be used specifically as a primer for plastic materials. In this case, selecting MH300 as hardener, Lechler MAP will propose as thinner/additive only MT300, excluding automatically 00740 – 00741 and 00742, which remain valid for other application methods.


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