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Once again the Triennale ... once again Framaton Seta!
Monday, January 16, 2017

Once again the Triennale ... once again Framaton Seta!

Lechler serves as technical sponsor of the Triennale exhibition dedicated to the world-renowned designer and architect, Mario Bellini. Once again, the one and only - Framaton Seta!


Mario Bellini, the undisputed ambassador of design, architecture and exhibition outfitting, is finally featured at the Milan Triennale with a solo exhibition covering over 1,000 sqm. We at Lechler couldn't help being a part of this long-awaited tribute, after our foray into the word of design and architecture with the Color Design project, and after our involvement in the outfitting of the current exhibition dedicated to Antonio Sant’Elia.

Once again, we have been invited to serve as technical sponsors of the event, supplying the entire coating material required to set up the exhibition, along with ATM and Salone del Mobile di Milano. The exhibition occupies more than 1,000 sqm in Palazzo dell'Arte, the site of the Triennale, and is split into a Portal, a Gallery, a Piazza and four Stanze, or rooms, each with a guiding theme. Its aim is to focus attention on the need for, and on the subversive and redeeming role of, beauty. Hence the subtitle "Italian Beauty".

These 1086 sqm (to be exact) house design objects, projects, 3D images and projections over 7 m high, where visitors can walk and "fly" (thanks to the use of drones) through the architectures created by Bellini around the world. Our Framaton Seta has once again been chosen by the Triennale for its beautiful final satin effect that enhances all these works to perfection!

The exhibition is a tribute to the remarkable, many-sided work of an Italian designer who has achieved all manner of success on both the small scale (eight Compasso d’Oro awards, and objects and furnishings that have become icons in homes and offices around the world, often anticipating or revolutionising tastes and styles), and on the large scale (conference centres, trade fair venues and museums from Japan to the USA, Germany and Australia and, in 2012, the Department of Islamic Art – a golden wave for the most prestigious museum in the world, the Louvre in Paris).

This retrospective exhibition opens exactly thirty years since the show devoted to him by MoMA in New York. The MoMA exhibition in 1987 examined his activities as a designer, which even then were represented by 25 works in its permanent collection. 1987 proved to be a watershed year for Bellini, who from that year on has devoted himself mainly to architecture on a large scale and to urban design.

Framaton Seta is part of Lechler's Decorative Chréon line.


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