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Lechler is the technical sponsor of the Milan Triennale exhibition dedicated to Antonio Sant’Elia. One on all: Framaton Seta!
Monday, November 14, 2016

Lechler is the technical sponsor of the Milan Triennale exhibition dedicated to Antonio Sant’Elia. One on all: Framaton Seta!

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The bond between Sant’Elia and Como, his native city, and Milan, where at a very young age he opened his studio and developed his idea of the city of the future, is so powerful that they will both be the venue of the exhibition dedicated to him to celebrate the centenary of his death. We could not miss the event! 

Antonio Sant'Elia, born in Como on 30 April 1888, died in Monfalcone on 10 October 1916 during an attack. He was shot on the forehead by machine gun fire. World famous architect, precursor of Futurism, he did not see the implementation of his many projects on the “new metropolis”, the topic of his last studies. But the major part of the projects and his vision of the “city of the future” have without doubt influenced many architects and designers who came after him. Sant'Elia has assuredly the merit of perceiving the close connection between the architectural and urban problem on which, despite the different figurative languages, the design and reflection of all modern architectural movements are grounded.

One hundred years after his death, the Milan Triennale and the Como Art Gallery have decided to dedicate an exhibition to him, finally converging all his drawings and projects.

Different venues for a single exhibition track that has been studied to better understand this artist who, in his short life, has left us several drawings that could be defined as photograms, isolated sparks of a city of the future as imagined by him, without having the opportunity to practically implement the ideas. The journey commences in Como, in the Art Gallery, with “Antonio Sant’Elia – at the origin of the project”, which presents some 3D models of his projects, an extensive range of drawings and some contemporary works specially created for the exhibition. The latter especially feature two canvases by Fabrizio Musa, an author who is very dear to us, who produces his works only with Framaton Seta, once again in the shade of black!

At the Milan Triennale, instead, the exhibition is organised in the Aulenti Gallery, starting with a timeline that helps the visitor to follow the artist’s progress. The main themes developed include education in Como during the early years, the Milanese impact (in Milan he developed mass constructions), and the implementation of Sant’Elia’s projects in a contemporary key, as presented in the last hall.

A warm thank you to architect Luca Ambrosini, who cooperated with the Ministry of Fine Arts and Landscape of Milan along with Arch. Artioli (for many years the Superintendent of Architectural Heritage and Landscape of the Provincial Administrations of Milan, Bergamo, Como, Pavia, Sondrio, Lecco and Lodi). We have been involved by the Municipality of Como and the Triennale of Milan as Technical Sponsor of venues at the Milan Triennale and of the Como Art Gallery, and as such have supplied all paints required to prepare the exhibition. Our Framaton Seta has once again been chosen for its beautiful final aesthetic satin effect that enhances all the works displayed.

Indeed, all the walls of the four halls of the Triennale where the works will be presented have been painted with Framaton Seta in attractive shades specially chosen to highlight the artist’s projects. The theme colour is red in two hues to symbolically recall the years of the war and also the rarefied atmosphere typical of his most famous works. Red merges with sage green, which was one of the most exploited colours in the early years of the century, and vinaccia red. The walls of the Art Gallery also feature Framaton Seta in the shade of neutral beige-hazelnut brown, as chosen by architects in charge of the exhibition fittings.

But this is not all of it…

The 40 drawings displayed in halls 2 and 3 of the Gallery are framed by the onsite creations of Fabrizio Musa, precisely four murals portraying certain details extrapolated from the works of Sant’Elia, once again produced with Framaton Seta!

Exhibition dates:

at the Triennale of Milan         24 November 2016 / 8 January 2017
at the Como Art Gallery           25 November 2016 / 26 February 2017
at Novocomum in Como          30 November 2016 / 25 February 2017




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