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NEW INDUSTRY CATALOGUE:  Lechler Tech's value proposal.
Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NEW INDUSTRY CATALOGUE: Lechler Tech's value proposal.

Categories: Industry
Lechler Tech presents the new Industry Catalogue: more than just an update of the product range. It is a new way of presenting our products with a stronger accent on Technical Solutions, Color Proposals and Market Sectors.

The new Industry Catalogue is available, with our value proposal and all the new products and services from Lechler Tech. The new version of the catalogue obviously contains all the information about updates to the product range, but with a distinctly different approach.

The Lechler Tech value proposition, ‘Wherever Paint Matters’, is designed to give added value to industrial objects, exactly where paint matters. In fact, what is the first thing we notice about an object? Its physical appearance: the first information that the human eye perceives is colour. And colour, as the primary feature of Lechler Tech products, has a very important place in the catalogue.

The Market Sector index, structured in segments and sub-segments, clearly and thoroughly indicates the potential of Lechler application cycles for objects as large as a truck or as small as a button. The pictures shown are from real Case Histories that Lechler Tech has completed in recent years. 

The Information Sheets provide an overview of the strong points of Lechler Tech products: our historic presence in the industrial sector, solutions for PVC and anti-graffiti treatments for safeguarding our cities.

The 4 Tintometric Systems - Lechsys, Lechsys Effect, Lechsys Hydro and Isofan - are represented with coloured cubes that make up the cover image of the catalogue. The three-dimensional cube on the cover represents the totality of infinite combinations and possible solutions, which includes countless solutions for each segment of the industrial market.

The Product Range is organised on the bases of colours and finishes. Pictograms contain basic technical information and references to the complete technical sheets. A classification with stars (from 1 to 5) and a few Techical Tables, such as the Binder and Catalyser report and the report listing cycles that conform to corrosion/durability standards defined in ISO 12944, help final clients choose a suitable product on the basis of quality and resistance to the process they are planning to use.

A list is presented containing descriptions of all main Metallic or Plastic Materials used in the market for which Lechler Tech can provide solutions, which make it easier to use the object's nature to identify a possible solution.

All assistance services, training courses and tools are presented in the last part of the catalogue. The Color Trend Consultant is the most prominent of the services. This is the unique programme for Lechler's new Color Design Concept, which presents new finishes in trendy colours for industrial products.

The new catalogue is an innovative information tool, a guide for finding solutions and new chromatic effects to improve work processes, performance and the perceived value of objects. It is mainly for Lechler's final clients, but is also available to distributors, who are becoming more and more central in Lechler's value proposal. 


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