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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Categories: Yachting
Stoppani sails round the world with Sailing4handicaps to offer new options to the disabled.

The “Sailing4handicaps” Foundation wants to give the disabled throughout the world a new opportunity in life. They are working with a couple of successful athletes, Wojtek Czyz - with four gold medals, one silver and two bronze in three Paralympics - and Elena Brambilla,- an athlete for the Penitentiary Police who won the Absolute Italian Title for the high jump, under-23 Italian Champion in 2003, and two-time finalist at the under-23 European Championships.

Sailing4handicaps will travel round the world, which will take about four years, on board the catamaran “Imagine“ (a Lagoon 41). They will be carrying a supply of prostheses, medical care, support and knowledge about the how to use prostheses and about the endless skills of the disabled. Their goal is to try to offer new prospects to all these people and their families. Wojtek Czyz had the opportunity to meet differently-abled people in various parts of the world, thus forming an opinion of the approach to disablement in countries such as the Ukraine, Kenya, India and Thailand.

Acceptance of disablement and quality prosthetic care are very different in various parts of the world. In fact, the disabled are often labelled as “lame“ and receive no support, understanding and professional treatment for disablement. These people are emarginated and deprived of all possibilities for making lives for themselves. The presence on site of an athlete, such as Wojtek, and the work carried out with the various families of the disabled have proven how a positive path can be defined. His sports achievements and success have shown the families who met him that the disabled can be essential members of social life. People who have a disablement can do great things when they are given the chance.

Following this experience, Wojtek decided to sail round the world with his partner Elena to help these people make prostheses, wear them and keep them in good conditions.

Even Lechler and its retailer Bootslacke Nord decided to believe in this wonderful initiative and they lent it their support. With products, the contribution of Stoppani technicians in defining both the most suitable painting cycle to withstand sailing in all sea conditions, and its best application. Hence “Imagine” has been given a new look that is consistent with its name. 

Last winter, the topside and part of the hull were completely remade after overcoming the need to create a suction cabin for the catamaran during the painting phase. The first preliminary tests were performed in May and June, and then the finish coat was applied on the entire boat with the two-layer cycle Isofan Marine 2K Basecoat PROF and the related clear coat to obtain the special colour that was chosen for the topside. 

“Imagine” will, in fact, have an original new look that is instantly visible… all Metallic Orange! There are still many things to be done on the Lagoon 41 for it to be ready for 27 July when, during the Travemünder Woche, the first prosthesis will be built on board. Preparations for this date have been scheduled along with all the phases to set sail for the round the world tour. Our warmest wishes to Wojtek and Elena and our admiration for this important solidarity project.


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