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Lechler implement the new labeling scheme CLP
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lechler implement the new labeling scheme CLP

A new classification and labelling scheme already in use for pure raw materials (substances)  will be applied to mixtures of substances such as paints, varnishes and enamels by the 1st  June 2015.

Lechler are working to implement the new scheme and you could receive the product cans with  the new labels  ahead of June 2015 deadline.

These changes have been made to align  European Member States with a new global system aiming  to achieve consistency in hazard classification and  communication. Prior to the introduction of the new system, there were different rules and hence different ways of communicating the hazard all over the world.

The wording of the text on the labels will change at different degrees as well as the way the information is presented will change. The essential  purpose of the scheme is to make hazard communication simpler.

From orange/yellow boxes to red-bordered pictograms

CLPEventually the familiar orange/yellow boxes will eventually be completely replaced with red-bordered pictograms, showing in some cases different symbols. The example below shows that the St . Andrew Cross will be replaced with a red-bordered pictogram containing an exclamation mark in it, denoting that the contents are irritant. Note the indication of danger ‘irritant’ will be replaced  with the signal word ‘warning’. Hazard (H) statements will replace risk (R) phrases. R38 Irritating to skin -> H315 Causes skin irritation

Will products be more dangerous? NO, they won’t

Labels will be different just as regards the different way of describing the hazard and not because of a change of product composition or hazardous property.
For instance, some products will have the new flame symbol to indicate they are flammable. The symbol was not always requested by the previous rule for flammable liquid. 

corrosivo CLPAt the same way, products  classified as posing a risk of serious damage to eyes will now be classified  as corrosive rather than irritant as foreseen by the previous classification scheme.       


It is essential to read the label and to make sure that the safety measures recommended in the safety data sheet are followed.

If you need more information about the new scheme  please contact Lechler SPA Product Safety department:  safety@lechler.it


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