Color Design - colour turns into design!

Lechler's new concept connects chemical development with the evolution of the language of colour.

Colour is a language that continues to evolve. Technological, cultural and artistic changes have always influenced the domestic landscape in our homes and surrounding environments.  The analysis of past products revealed that significant colour changes are recorded in cycles which means that general colour preferences for the near future can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy.  

Defining new scenarios is an essential aspect of Color Design and contributes to determining the quality of home environments, architectural features of buildings and the commercial success of an industrial product. 

The Color Design Project by Lechler, organized in partnership with the industrial designer Francesca Valan, provides indications, suggestions and technical information to make choosing colour and finishes easier. 

Projects that are included in Lechler Color Design:

Fuorisalone 2021/22 - The Way of Accent

Fuorisalone 2021

Fuorisalone 2019 - The Way of Nature

The Way of Nature

Fuorisalone 2018 - The Way of Effects

The Way of effects - Fuorisalone 2018

Fuorisalone 2017 - The Way of Classics

The Way of Classics - Fuorisalone 2017

Fuorisalone 2016 - The Way of Gold

The Way of Gold - Fuorisalone 2016

Fuorisalone 2015 - Flickr

Color Design #Fuorisalone2015 a Ventura Lambrate

VIDEO: Fuorisalone 2021 - The Way of Accent

VIDEO: Fuorisalone 2019 - The Way of Nature

VIDEO: Fuorisalone 2018 - The Way of Effects

VIDEO: Fuorisalone 2017 - The Way of Classic

VIDEO: Fuorisalone 2016 - The  Way of Gold

Color Design News

IVE Lechler at Formobile 2016
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

IVE Lechler at Formobile 2016

Categories: Habitat, Color Design

From 26 to 29 July 2016 - Rua I-193 - Anhembi Pavilion - São Paulo, Brazil.



IVE, a Lechler brand specialised in the furnishings and habitat sector, presents at Formobile 2016 the news and trends of Italian design:


Trendy colours and finishes in the chromatic project for furnishings and accessories. This is a unique line that makes it possible to use colours and finishes to create visual dialogue between surfaces made of different materials - ranging from wood to glass, composite materials and laminates - to define and personalise new domestic scenarios.


Chromatic trajectories trending in contemporary homes. Shades of gold have been conspicuously missing from our homes since the 1950s. After such a long absence, gold makes its grand comeback, insinuating glamour but also something natural, precisely for its function of evoking materials and colours that really exist. After over a decade of "cool" metals, Golden Shades presents "warm" metals.


  • New painting system makes wood better
  • The PS87 line makes it possible to create an infinite range of colour variations, and these paints preserve the natural characteristics of wood and highlight its peculiarities, such as grain and typical hues of each sheet.

  • The PS20 line offers product uniformity at the moment of colouring, even when treating different coloured woods.

  • New finishes that enhance wood
  • ACRYSOFT AY 88 Transparent acrylic finish, anti-yellowing, for open pore finishes. The invisible varnish.
  • ACRYSOFT AY 88 EXTRA MATT Transparent acrylic finish, anti-yellowing, for open pore finishes. Super matt.  Natural wood, “ZERO GLOSS”.
  • Complete varnishing system for marble
  • Naturally styled design speaks for itself through the use of stone and wood.
  • POLILUX: Paraffin polyester sealer for furniture and marble. Patented IVE since 1958.


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Color Design

Lechler Color Design

COLOR DESIGN is the Lechler's new concept connects chemical development with the evolution of the language of colour. Color Design ›

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