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COLOR MATCH EASY & EXPLORER - Colour standard update 07/2020
7 августа 2020 г.

COLOR MATCH EASY & EXPLORER - Colour standard update 07/2020

A few days have passed since the beginning of the month, but the new update of the colour standards of our system of color matching with spectrophotometer is already available and brings with it big news: we extended the compatibility of the three Color Match Explorer databases also to the new Color Match Easy, always based on BYK hardware and a software interface integrated in Lechler MAP.

For users of Color Match Easy, it is possible to download and install these updates directly with Lechler MAP, using the page FORMULAS UPDATE.


As an alternative to the indications above, or if you use an old version of Lechler MAP with Color Match Explorer, you can still download manually the updates from the section DOWNLOAD AREA (TAI) >>> COLOR MATCH EASY - EXPLORER of Lechler Portal.
Double click on the icon of the file that interests you to start the automatic download.

Once done, you must copy this file on the desktop of the PC where Color Match Explorer is installed and run it (another double click) to automatically update the database.

These contents are only visible to registered users on the Lechler Portal that have entered on the MY PROFILE page the correct serial number of their CME spectrophotometer.



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