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2012 - Lechler is the supplier with Chrèon paints in the project "FRONTIER-La linea dello stile"
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 - Lechler is the supplier with Chrèon paints in the project "FRONTIER-La linea dello stile"

Categories: Lechler for Art
The project Frontier (June 2012 / January 2013), intends to highlight the Writing and the Street Art re-acquainting some popular areas in Bologna with some international artists contributions. The mural paintings have been obtained with the utilisation of the Framaton Riveste Prof and Framaquarz Prof products.

The project “FRONTIER - La linea dello stile” has been conceived and studied to highlight Writing and Street Art as very interesting contemporary art expressions and in the meantime highlighting the aim of some popular urban areas through the creation of wall painting on some buildings. A group of world reknown artists have been selected to represent an evolution in style which has lasted 50 years.  

The Chrèon products have been supplied through the distributor Centercolor in Bologna and Molinella, for the painting of these artistic walls.  

Thanks to the high technical and performing qualities of the new product range for exteriors, the technical team aimed at the choice of materials to create the project has chosen Framaton Riveste Prof and Framaquarz Prof. These products have been recently re-formulated with new resins, new additives and pigments which have demonstrated very good advantages in terms of paint film resistance. Resistance to pollution, UV rays, molds, algae and fungi, with a better product colour lasting  and applied film.

The Frontier project, has been supported and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna in cooperation with quarters: Navile, Porto, San Donato and San Vitale, supported by the Region Emilia-Romagna and organized by ALL WRITE. It is the demonstration that both Writing and Street Art should be considered as important elements both for the artistic development and for urban projects.  

For more details concerning the Frontier project, visit the website  www.frontier.bo.it

For further information on products and colors write to asstec.chreon@lechler.eu



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