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MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEAR - The simplest solution for an unrivalled result in ALL situations
Thursday, February 22, 2018

MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEAR - The simplest solution for an unrivalled result in ALL situations

Categories: Refinish

Reach an unrivalled aesthetical result, quick and easy to use under all application conditions!


MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEARCOAT is based on the newest technological developments within the HS acrylic clearcoats.

The objectives for this new product focus on the essential aspects of the painter’s daily work: simplicity, flexibility and rapidity. The product fits all different application conditions thanks to its versatility: in this way it becomes the ideal product for all car body shops not subject to limits concerning the VOC emissions. Also MC500 uses the hardeners MULTIPROGRAM HS (00174 - 00362 - 00379). Multiprogram is a project aimed at rationalising the use of hardeners and thinners, in order to minimise stocks and to remove errors of dosing.

  • MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEARCOAT : solvent-based MACROFAN newest technology HS acrylic clearcoat
  • MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEARCOAT doesn’t require any extra thinning and is very easy to use in both preparation and application phases.
  • MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEARCOAT is suitable for any user and body shop as well as for any latitude, thanks to its excellent dryingperformance, both low bake and air dry.
  • MC500 MACROFAN HS EXTRA CLEARCOAT stands out, moreover, for its unrivalled clarity, which avoids high-light effect even with high film thicknesses.


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