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LECHLER MAP - version available for download
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

LECHLER MAP - version available for download

For this second updating of Lechler MAP® software planned for the year 2017 our main target was to globally improve the program speed, devoting us to optimize both the start-up time, the search engines and the assisted dosing.
Sided to to this activity we also focused our attention to BUG FIXING (problem solving) and, last but not least for importance, we have added around 1.500 new color chip to the database, which now counts around 44.500 visual color references.

If your computer is connected to internet, the updating to this new version has automatically been proposed to you during the last start of Lechler MAP, but in case you do not received this notification, freely contact our Software & Instruments Assistance (asstec.attrezzature@lechler.eu) which are to your disposition for all relevant verifications needed.

If you want to also install this updating on a different computer, not connected to internet, you can download it from the Lechler Portal in section Download Area page Lechler MAP, where you will also find a complete setup file to perform a brand new installations with this new version.

Following a short summary, taken fron the complete RElease Note you can find in your computer in folder C:\Program File (x86)\Lechler Map (C:\Program files\Lechler Map for 32bit systrems).

Ver.  @ 11/07/2017

NEW :    Add import/export of warehouse configuration
NEW :    Show formula quantity on deco label nr.3
NEW :    Add additive support to ECOMIX
UPDATE :    Do not ask to save personal formula if no changes are made
UPDATE :    Send double tare for GIBERTINI scale when dosing with negative weight display
UPDATE :    Remove Lechler site login on startup; execute first login when needed
UPDATE :    Rewrite formula compare logic to improve performance
UPDATE :    Only show CME icon for Refinish Business
FIX :    Deco selection of STD package when opening a formula
FIX :    Ecomix search
FIX :    Deco search by color
FIX :    Remove spaces from product codes during excel imports
FIX :    Size of color chip
FIX :    DATACOLOR spectrophotometer data import
FIX :    Set product quantity equal to the job registry quantity when opening a formula from job registry in deco
FIX :    Do not perform stock transactions if warehouse management is not active but there is stock loaded
FIX :    Problem with scale when moving to the next component and the weight is not stable.
 With negative weight active, sometimes the component would result as completely dosed
FIX :    Database slowdown on client/server install
FIX :    When exporting job registry productions also generate Lechler Explorer TXT format
FIX :    On record selection from compare screen a formula for 1 Lt the formula quantity would show 1000 Lt
FIX :    Do not do Warehouse check if stock management is disabled (would slow down exit from dosage screen)
FIX :    Left margin on small labels
FIX :    Scale data receive overlapping
FIX :    Import of free quantities formulas from X-Rite spectrophotometer
FIX :    Formula open from job registry which would add the Catalysis amount into one of the components



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