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Two processes rather than one with Hydrofan!
Monday, October 26, 2015

Two processes rather than one with Hydrofan!

We couldn’t have made it more competitive so we made it more technological, more modern and more efficient: Hydrofan HE (high efficiency) basecoat guarantees the best process for every repair.


The HYDROFAN Basecoat system has always been the jewel in the crown of the Lechler for Refinish range. In the late 1990s, when the water systems market was still in its infancy in terms of its technological development, it already boasted a number of distinctive features; ready-for-use base paints, ease of application, fast drying and the compactness of the system. When Law 161 of 27/03/2006 came into force in 2007, transposing European Directive 2004/42/CE for the reduction of VOC, the system had already evolved in the meantime thanks to its 10 years of experience on the market; in its new and innovative packaging, as well as complying with legislation HYDROFAN H3O WATEREVOLUTION made it possible to reduce costs and increase speed and ease of use, thus introducing additional important competitive advantages. 

Since then, even if its unique chemical properties have remained unaltered, the system has continued to evolve ensuring that for European body shops HYDROFAN remains the system “that you can rely on”.  Today, thanks to further developments and implementations, HYDROFAN embarks on its third era: that of HIGH EFFICIENCY, following the technological evolution of all of the Refinish products introduced in recent years.

The system therefore evolves into HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT, where HE stands for HIGH EFFICIENCY, a system whose productivity and efficiency during the application phase is increased thanks to a series of improvements that have been introduced. 

The HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT system is able to maximise the margins of repair processes, reducing product consumption by up to 30% and process times by up to 20%. Today it is the only system on the market that enables you to choose between two application processes: a STANDARD process and a HIGH EFFICIENCY (ONE STEP) process. 

The new era of painting processes can therefore be filed under “there isn’t a correct process for all repairs but a correct process for every repair”. In the case of HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT, thanks to the introduction of special new additives body shops will be able to assess its effectiveness by adopting the HE “ONE STEP” application process, thus avoiding intermediate drying phases with a significant increase in productivity as a result. The new HE “ONE STEP” application process also makes it possible to obtain adequate levels of coverage with just two consecutive coats, which are therefore less thick, thus resulting in a reduction in the amount of product used and a higher quality and more durable film over time. 

And that's not all: HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT adopts a new image to highlight its third evolutionary phase, its range of base colours is expanded for the improved reproduction of the new paints for vehicles in circulation, and the number of 250ml squeezable packs (for low consumption base colours) is increased to improve their rotation and reduce waste.

For almost thirty years the Hydrofan system has stood out for its chemical properties yet it continues to evolve at all times, keeping up to speed with the most modern technological developments. 

Why not find out for yourself!


Hydrofan HE Alta Efficienza


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