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Lechler for art

For a long while Lechler has engaged in promoting and supporting Arts through cooperation with architects and artists in Italy and abroad.
Lechler for Art is an ensemble of activities in which the Company is involved supporting events, masterpieces and musical initiatives particularly those occurring in Como, Headquarters of the Company where the town is considered rich in precious architectural works and with beautiful monuments with high artistic value.

Our President was hosted by RTL 102.5 – the radio channel that records the largest audience in Italy
Thursday, December 7, 2017

Our President was hosted by RTL 102.5 – the radio channel that records the largest audience in Italy

Categories: Corporate

Aram Manoukian was a guest on “Il post in fabbrica”, RTL 102.5’s feature hosted by Francesco Delzio in partnership with Confindustria. This 30-minute broadcast is on the air every Wednesday as part of the radio show NoStopNews anchored by Fulvio Giuliani and Pierluigi Diaco.

Chemistry was in the spotlight on RTL 102.5 (the radio channel that records the largest audience in Italy, with over 8,000,000 people tuning in daily), and it was discussed by our President Aram Manoukian, guest of the feature that weekly reaches millions of fans of the radio show NoStopNews. Every Wednesday an Italian entrepreneur is invited to describe his business sector and, specifically, to talk about his company and provide practical evidence of the value and potential of Italian excellence.

Several topics are discussed, starting from chemistry’s essential role for the Italian industrial framework, the importance of training new generations to step into the world of chemistry, the need to create a more synergistic cooperation between school, families and companies, besides topics such as regulations, work safety and a family and school-oriented approach.
The show enlarged on Lechler’s industrial framework and its technological and geographical evolution so far, on the eve of the 160th anniversary since the company was established.

We are pleased and proud to accept the anchormen’s compliments to our company and to its President Aram Manoukian!


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