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Lechler for art

For a long while Lechler has engaged in promoting and supporting Arts through cooperation with architects and artists in Italy and abroad.
Lechler for Art is an ensemble of activities in which the Company is involved supporting events, masterpieces and musical initiatives particularly those occurring in Como, Headquarters of the Company where the town is considered rich in precious architectural works and with beautiful monuments with high artistic value.

2013 - Madama Butterfly - Venice
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 - Madama Butterfly - Venice

Categories: Lechler for Art
Ten years have passed since our Hologram (Lechsys System for Industry) covered with pearled white the creation named “The Wave UFO” was created by the artist Mariko Mori, designed by Architect Marco Della Torre...

Ten years have passed since our Hologram (Lechsys  System for Industry) covered with pearled white the creation named “The Wave UFO”  was created by the artist Mariko Mori, designed by Architect Marco Della Torre.

Starting from that day “The Wave UFO”  was travelling around the world, excelling in the 51st  edition of  Biennale in Venice, exhibiting  many times in New York, as well as in the Groninger Museum (NL) and in Art Museum di Århus (DK).

This creation has obtained a lot of success and the visionary Japanese artist chose Lechler once again as partner to create her last celestial work. The creation was introduced on 21st June during the first representation of Giacomo Puccini's "Japanese" opera, Madama Butterfly, at the FeniceTheater during Venice Biennale.

"There was great emotion knowing and seeing that the Lechler products give contribution to this incredible initiative. The Mariko Mori’s scenography sapiently  succeeded in underlining the Asiatic culture in the  Puccini’s Madame Butterfly masterpiece which has been reviewed for Biennale 2013" … told Vasken Manoukian, Business Development Director who is in contact with this big Artist worldwide known as  "the expression and merging aspects of the present and future " (n.d.r.).

Mariko Mori is at present one of the main Visual Art Japanese artists. After a career of being a top model and a degree in Fashion Design in Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo where she covered the role of costume designer and scenographer .
On this occasion she has created a very big sculpture entirely covered with iridescent Hologram paint aiming at representing “life which does not dye” in line with the subject interpreted by the protagonist soprano Cio-Cio-San soaring in the air in a new life. 

We assisted international cooperation between the studies in NY and the Lechler Business Development department with a direct link in Madrid for Factum Arte, with the supervision of our  local distributor with the precious help of Esteban Suarez, Josè Gonzalez and Hoyos Gustavo from our Spanish Lechler Iberica and the Headquarters Color Development Laboratory.

This wonderful work will be in the Venice lagoon for six years thanks to an agreement among Biennale and La Fenice Theater.



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